At Ostrya, we believe that innovation doesn't stop with creating the best possible equipment. More than ever, companies have a social role to play, a responsibility towards our planet. In that matter, our mission is to inspire our staff, customers and the industry through our products and content, to go out and get involved. Whether it is on skis, on a cliff, through a hike or even in the city, we hope to connect people with their environment and community, with simply and efficiently designed products.


We use remnant, recycled or organic fabrics on most of our products. This way we avoid producing materials that are harmful to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.


Most of our products are manufactured in Canada. When it is not the case, we make sure to opt for factories choosing fair and sustainable working conditions.


We work with ambassadors and collaborators who express the way we want to do business. Some of them are professional athletes, others are organic farmers. All of them are involved in their community and promote sustainable and responsible ways of living.